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  Today is the first day of the summer camp. I couldn’t sleep well yesterday evening. Maybe I felt a little uncomfortable. I seldom live with others. And the bedroom is different form home. But I met three new friends here. They’re friendly and lovely.

  After the beginning ceremony, I had an exam. the first passage was a little difficult for me. Some words I haven’t learn before. I spent some minutes on it. Anyway, I thought I passed it.

  In the afternoon, I saw the foreign teacher. Her name is Jane. A beautiful firl who comes from USA. She is not old, just 22. But she had been to Europe, Beijing. She let us play some games, because she wanted us to know each ther quickly. But I think the games is not interesting. So some students don’t put their hearts in the game. Also the teacher spoke so quickly that I couldn’t understand her.

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